About just mindful

Striving to normalize negative stigma attached to mental health, just mindful is a collection of handmade pieces utilizing symbolism and spiritual meanings that empower you to create a better tomorrow.

With the purchase of each product, you're helping to normalize the conversation about mental health while connecting with like-minded individuals. Pieces from just mindful serve as a symbol to be your best self especially during life's most challenging moments. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind product with minor imperfections to emulate yourself – nobody is perfect and we shouldn't hide our flaws, rather we acknowledge and accept them. We carry on to make a better tomorrow. 

As a second-generation Korean-American woman, I've found myself challenged with the cultural refusal to accept mental health challenges and the time necessary for self-care. Today, we continue to battle negative stigma due to the lack of awareness and fear of the topic being publicly discussed. I want to reduce the hardships faced surrounding mental health due to the lack of conversation. It's okay to not be okay.

I hope to inspire others to normalize discussions about mental health. It's one of the main drivers to end the surrounding negativity and help make a better tomorrow. 

All collections are released in limited batches and each item is unique from each other.


All pieces are handcrafted by Justine Hong of Just Souled Out. After being a sneakerhead for many years, I discovered my best moments in life are with people I met from the footwear industry solely due to our love for the culture. I hope to instill similar experiences with everyone who purchases a product and build an inclusive community that advocates for normalizing mental health. 

There's nothing like an "aha!" or "omg it's someone like me" moment. All products carry an underlying "if you know you know (iykyk)" meaning since not everyone is open to discussing mental health. I hope you feel empowered with positivity and self-love instilled within each handmade piece with purpose.